The "Mahdiyya" Qur'an

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The Mahdiyya copy of the Qur'an is a document held in the University of Leeds library; fuller details are available.

This book has been comprehensively scanned at high resolution, revealing details of the text, paper texture and manufacture, and watermarks. We believe this product will be of interest to papyrologists, arabists, digital archivists and others.

The Leeds project is interested in developing techniques to examine the watermark in such documents, together with other concealed properties of the paper.

We acknowledge the assistance and permission of the Special Collections of the University of Leeds Library .

Users of this page should cite it as: The "Mahdiyya" Qur'an project, H Hiary, R D Boyle, K C Ng [University of Leeds], A Regourd [Louvre, Paris],, dated as the page. Please acknowledge also the University of Leeds Library Special Collections. Bibtex.

For more information: Prof. Roger Boyle.