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Terminalia was the last day of the year in the Roman calendar; our system has this as February 23rd.

It was the custom to walks the walls of a settlement on this day, and visit its terminii: this custom is re-enacted, often by psychogeographers, in many places today.

In Aberystwyth, while the walls are no longer visible, their route is easy to trace. The town map is very clear to this day, and various historical sources confirm the course as:

Castle Point, South to Tan Y Cae, Along to Heol Y Bont, Dan Dre, Chalybeate Street, Baker Street, Alfred Place, Crynfryn Row, Marine Terrace, King Street, Y Ro Fawr, Castle Point
There were gates at Heol Y Bont, Great Darkgate Street, Eastgate and Pier Street, and various other points of note exist along the way.
(Map: Archaeology Data Service.)

Terminalia was celebrated in Aberystwyth in 2017, and again in 2018.
In 2019, a small celebration was held in the neglected "ons waullid" [once walled] town of Haverfordwest.

Terminalia in 2020

Terminalia will be celebrated in Aberystwyth on 23rd 2020, starting at 11am.

Rendezvous: 11am, Castle Point The tour takes less than 30 minutes. This year we will travel anticlockwise, in opposition to 2018.

Some words of wisdom are available, that enthusiasts might read in advance

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