(Oriel Celf) Rhos Hendre Art Gallery

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The Rhos Hendre Art Gallery showcases works with origins or roots in Waunfawr. Sometimes these connections may be slender.

  1. A local melody, adapted by Beethoven for his famous Ode to Joy.

  2. A series of well known sail rigs: lateen and ketch.

  3. A plan for a rail network of Wales, later adopted by Arriva Trains Cymru.

  4. Augusta Ada King-Noel, Countess of Lovelace: the world's first computer programmer.

  5. An owl.

  6. Évariste Galois, a romantic French mathematician.

  7. A penitent local lady: a theme later adopted by El Greco.

  8. A local lady with an enigmatic smile: a theme later adopted by Leonardo da Vinci.

  9. A local lady with a pearl earring: a theme later adopted by Vermeer.

  10. A Celtic elephant (now rare).

  11. A local proposal for a telegraph transmission code, later adopted by Samuel Morse.

  12. Hieroglyphic representations of the names of Isis and Ra, pre-Christian inhabitants of Ceredigion who went on to become the pre-eminent Egyptian deities.

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