The Shrewsbury branch

Shrewsbury town is in very good architectural nick (with one or two mandatory, egregious exceptions). A Terminalia visit on 23rd February 2022 permitted a bit of research on the Burton presence.

Local Trade Directories record a 1930s presence at 28/29a Pride Hill, currently a branch of the Nationwide Building Society. Not a very good example of Monty's style, but it is actually a building (actually simply a facade) put up by the organisation.

The excellent Shropshire archive have some useful records: firstly, passim they note the address 27/28 Pride Hill and which numbers are correct is moot. Then

Interestingly, the archive also holds a 1927 plan submitted by Burton (in fact, by Harry Wilson on their behalf before he was absorbed into Monty's). Here are two clips from the plans (copyright presumably held by the Archive):


See the characteristic doors to left and right, and the window lights. This work obviously didn't get done - who knows why? Neverthless, something certainly changed before 1960.

What might have been.

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